Celebrity ads they don't want you to see

Celebrities love the limelight, but not when they are advertising certain products... From Jennifer Lopez to Courtney Cox, all these stars have an alcoholic fruit drink or a low calories shake buried deep in their glitzy closets

Take a sip, buy a house

When in the mid 90s the cast of Friends did a commercial for Diet Coke, Courtney Cox joked that she'd bought a house with her fee from the job.

Considering that the funny actors were rumoured to having been paid $1million each, Cox probably used humour to tell the truth.

Celebrities can command hefty fees to advertise products and many of them prefer to do foreign commercials that won't be shown in their own country.

Don't lose your cool: do it abroad

Jack Bauer, AKA Kiefer Sutherland, advertising CalorieMate, a brand of energy foods that can be eaten on the go, probably wouldn't have gone down particularly well with 24's fans in the US and Europe, that's why the ad is for Japan and it's not very easy to find online either.

In fact many famous people demand to have a clause in their contracts that prevents ads being shown on the net or in any territory outside the country the commercial is filmed for. Brad Pitt might potentially lose his appeal if his fans over here see him in ads for Softbank Internet Machine, Roots Coffee or Edwin Jeans, that's why he chooses to do them in Asia.

Have you ever seen Liz Hurley eating ice-cream? Unlikely, but in Turkey they probably think she munches on Magnums daily since she advertises the creamy treat over there. Benicio del Toro and Eva Longoria lick away in the UK, and you can see them advertising the chocolate covered gelato over here.

In Japan, Arnold Schwarzenegger has lent his talent to advertise VFuyy Drink, an energy-boosting beverage,  Ben Stiller Kirin Chu Hi, an alcoholic fruit drink, The Simpsons CC. Lemonade, Venus and Serena Williams Aquarius, a Coca-Cola drink whilst Maria Shaparova prefers Pepsi Twist.

According to the Kirin Fire Coffee commercial, Stevie Wonder likes to get up and have a cup of it. Mariah Carey prefers Nescafe' and even Audrey Hepburn couldn't say no to a cup and a cheque from Kirin Tea.

Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Penelope Cruz and Kate Beckinsale have all advertised Lux shampoo in Asia.

Bruce Willis likes to fill up his car at the Eneos service station apparently. Janet Jackson's airline of choice was Japan Airlines, whilst her brother Michael preferred to travel on the Suzuki scooter during the 80s, according to their advertising contracts.

Pick your brands

Not all celebrities worry about covering up their extra-curriculum work. George Clooney has advertised brands such as Martini, Nespresso and Omega in Europe - products that wouldn't be out of place in his plush Lake Como villa.

Take a look at these funny celebrity ads!

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham for LG Phones:

Mariah Carey for Nescafe' in Japan

Wham advertising Maxell cassettes in the 80s

George Clooney and John Malkovich advertising Nespresso

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer advertising CalorieMate