Dad Draws On His Baby's Pictures And It's The CUTEST Thing


Let's face it, babysitting can get kind of dull at times. However, one father is on a mission to Snapdad - the talented father who turns the photos of his son into amazing and hilarious works of art.

Baby Donald Duck

"Perhaps dreaming about Daisy Duck?" Picture: Snapdad

"I'm a father now. We're enjoying every bit of it." gushed new dad Lukas Costeur to the website 'Bored Panda'. "Even the harsh sleepless moments. That's why I started drawing."

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Baby Feliz Wonka: The amazing chocolatiere

"He who finds the Golden diaper can visit his factory." Picture: Snapdad

"It takes about 30-45 minutes to finish one," he told the website.

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Baby Pharaoh Tutankhamun

"By the power the God Amen-Nappy... I shall fall asleep." Picture: Snapdad

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Baby of the Opera

"Baby of the Opera" Picture: Snapdad

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Baby Bowie:

"Ground Control to Major Felix!" Picture: Snapdad

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Baby Felix Armstrong

"Houston we have a diaper problem" Picture: Snapdad

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