This Dad Brings His Son’s Drawings To Life And The Results Are Hilariously Creepy!

Lion Kids Drawing

This amazingly creative dad brought his sons doodles and drawings to life and the results are pretty bonkers!

Dom is six years old, and like many children his age he loves to draw pictures.

His dad, being a true 21st century parent, decided to create an Instagram account for his son's drawings and add a little digital magic of his own to the proceedings...

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When Dom has finished his drawings, his digital whiz dad brings the creations to life.

And seeing is truly believing when it comes to these pictures!

A crazy car

Dad Brings Sons Drawings To Life

A sad looking crab...poor thing!

Dad Brings Sons Drawings To Life

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Dad Brings Sons Drawings To Life

A wacky giraffe

Dad Brings Sons Drawings To Life

Nemo! Or his terrifying brother...

Dad Brings Sons Drawings To Life
Actually that last one is pretty terrifying. 
I don't think we'll be able to watch Finding Nemo without flashbacks to that image now!

But scary or not, you have to admit this father son duo is pretty cool and creative!