Celebrity children

Jaden Smith is only 12, but he's been acting for 7 years. His sister may only be 9 but she's no stranger to the big screen. When your parents are universally famous, being an average kid is not that easy.

Lourdes Ciccone may only be 13 but she's already launched her first fashion line, Material Girl, with her famous mum Madonna.

Lola has not only inherited her mother's looks, but, it seems, also her business acumen. Madonna is said to have instilled a sense of hard work into her daughter, with a strict school routine followed by hours of dance and piano practice.
Will and Jada Smith's children, Jaden and Willow, have been acting since a young age, with Jaden currently starring the the remake of The Karate Kid and Willow set to record her own album.
21-year-old Rumer Willis, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis made her film debut aged 7 in her mum's film Now and Then and a year later she worked with her mother again as her on-screen daughter on Striptease.

As famous as their parents

Over this side of the pond plenty of celebrity children are in the public eye.  Daisy Lowe, Elizabeth and Georgia Jagger, Alexandra and Theodora Richards (Keith's daughters), Pixie Geldof and  Amber Le Bon are all working as models.
Lily Allen
was once better known as Keith's daughter but is now much more famous than her dad. Coco Sumner, Sting and Trudy Styler's daughter, is currently doing it solo, trying to establish herself as a musician with her project I Blame Coco whilst La Roux's singer, Elly Jackson, has fast surpassed her mum Trudi Goodwin's notoriety (Goodwin is best known for her role of June Ackland in The Bill).

Good child gone wild

Although more doors undoubtedly open if you have a famous surname, for some it's not always easy to keep them that way.
Ryan O'Neal's daughter, Tatum, won an Oscar for Paper Moon when she was only 11 years old, but her career has been patchy due to substance abuse and a difficult relationship with her parents.
Charlie Sheen, Martin's son and the star of Two and a Half Men, has had great success with his sitcom, however his brother, the once very famous Emilio Estevez, hasn't quite had his sibling's luck in Hollywood.

Wild child gone good

At the beginning of the 80s tragic actor John Barrymore's daughter Drew, was one of the world's most famous little girls thanks to her roles in Altered States and E.T. but she almost lost it all when Hollywood's party lifestyle took over her life before she'd even reached her tenth year of age. However Drew managed to turn her life around and now, at the age of 35, she's a successful actress, producer and director.
Angelina Jolie too had her fare share of troubles caused by her difficult relationship with her Oscar winner dad John Voight and her rebellious and wild nature, but these days she's one of Hollywood's highest paid actresses, does humanitarian work, is in a relationship with Brad Pitt and the couple have six children.
Kelly and Jack Osbourne too have been in and out of rehab too due to substance abuse, but now clean, they both have successful TV careers. 

A life more ordinary

Then there are those who truly see their parents' fame as a burden. David Bowie's son, originally named Zowie, has always preferred to stay out of the limelight. Even his unusual name was a burden to him, so he changed it to the ordinary sounding Duncan Jones. Jones is the director behind the 2009 film Moon, starring Kevin Spacey and Sam Rockwell, but most people don't know that the man behind it is Bowie's son, despite the film's success. Just the way Duncan Jones had planned it.