Say 'GOLD MEDALS!' Our Olympic Heroes Return Home To Adoring Fans

Tom Daley taking a group selfie post Rio 2016

As our medal-winnign superstars land back on British soil, family and fans are waiting at the airport for the British Airways flight to touch down and our winners emerge...

To help celebrate we take a look at exactly what's been going down on the flight back! 

Expect bubbles, smiles and selfies GALORE!


Heathrow touch down!

Joe Joyce of Great Britain takes a selfie with British Airways Captain Steve Hawkins.

Everyone say "Cheeeeeese!"

And the smiles keep coming...

Meanwhile Adam Peaty and the GB Team were busy taking selfies at the Olympic Closing Ceremony in Rio. Well, who wouldn't want to commemorate that moment?!

Hockey player Sophie Bray and her team mates pose with the pilot in the cockpit.

Pete Reed, Helen Glover, Max Whitlock, Nicola Adams and Katie Archibald of Great Britain pose with their amazing medals!

Meanwhile her fellow hockey player Lily Owsley does the honours by taking a selfie of her team.

Team photo!