Hold On To Your Lettuces! There's A Crisis Ahead

Lettuce Crisis

2017 is looking a little less green

Planning on having a nice salad with dinner later? You might want to read this first.

Supermarkets everywhere have been running low on the good green stuff, as another food staple falls victim to the 'crisis' of European vegetable shortages - The lettuce!

Lettuce Crisis

Many stores are rationing the leafy veg to a maximum of three per customer, with many empty shelves being plastered with a 28-days-later sign. 

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Experts are warning that a failure in improved weather conditions could mean that the crisis could last as long as April!, with customers feeling the pinch in their wallets with price rises.

But the lettuce isn't the only veg to be left out in the cold.

Lettuce Crisis

Courgettes, salad peppers, broccoli and cabbage are also at risk of being cut short this season.

Healthy eaters and lettuce lovers have been sharing pictures and comments of the empty shelves and notices on Twitter.

As Spain usually supplies most of our lettuce supplies during the colder months, Supermarkets have been forced to look further afield to the US West Coast which is more than 5,300 miles from Britain – to meet demand.

Coos Hessing, of Hessing Super Fresh, explained that the lettuce crisis was ‘particularly severe’.

‘There have simply been too many cold days, and what’s most bizarre about this situation is that it has hit all of south-eastern Europe.

‘We had seen this before, but you’d need to go back to 15 years ago,’ the buyer told industry site Fresh Plaza.

Lettuce Crisis

Supermarket chains such s Tescos and Morrisons have also been speaking up about the lettuce situation, with Tescos explaining that they were 

‘experiencing some availability issues’ due to the bad weather in Spain but that they were working on resolving the issue "as quickly as possible,” 

A Spokesman from Morrisons said: 

As a result of the fact that the Spanish harvest has been very difficult this year, we have just about enough coming in to supply our customers.

‘We want to stop local tradespeople and restaurateurs coming in and buying lots of stock.’

Lettuce Crisis

Hopefully we get the green light lettuces soon.