Swan Gets In On The Strike Action Holding Up Train For TWO MILES!

Swan On Tracks

You wouldn't believe what excuse these commuters had for missing their train...

We couldn't have made this one up if we tried!

Just when London commuters thought that the train strike or bad weather would be a cause for concern, One brave little swan gave Londoners the best 'Sorry I'm Late' excuse of all time.

Swan On Tracks

The swan, who has yet to be named, stood strong in protest on Friday morning, waddling it's way along the South West Train tracks for TWO MILES in the Kingston area.

Despite South West Trains announcing the bizarre cause of the delay on their official platforms, rail users just couldn't quite get their heads around it.







One commuter named Dan Billinghurst caught the feathered protester on camera, causing the 9:33am train to crawl behind it on it's way onto the platform.

He said: ‘The train was rolling into the station at two miles per hour.

‘People commuting to work were getting frustrated and one man was so annoyed he got on the tracks waving his laptop in one hand and tried to manhandle the bird."


‘It was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen.’

Not all commuters were in a flap over the orange-beaked bird with another witness, Bee Whitaker saying that passenger were "laughing as well as taking photos" once they realised what was going on.

South West Trains did announce the safe release of the swan, issuing the swans apology for the delays too.

What a flying start to the day.