Throwback Thursday - Adverts

In this week's Throwback Thursday, we take a look at retro adverts.

Adverts have a way of seeping into the collective national consciousness. 

From the Guinness 'Horses' advert to the Heat Electric, 'Creature Comforts', we take a look at the most memorable adverts ever.

How many do you remember?

Hovis, 'Boy On Bike', 1973.

Smash 'Martians', 1970s.

Guiness, 'The Surfer (Horses)', 1998.


Heat Electric, 'Creature Comforts', 1990s.

'Diet Coke Man', 1994.

'Flake Girls', 1980s.

Coca-Cola, 'I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing', 1971.

PG, 'Mr. Shifter', 1971.

Cadbury's, 'Milk Tray Man', 1992.