Brits sunbathe across the UK as temperatures soar to highs of 24C

19 April 2019, 18:07

People are out in force making the most of the Easter sun
People are out in force making the most of the Easter sun. Picture: wiki comms

The glorious Easter weekend weather is bringing sun-worshippers out in force

The weekend has got off to a scorcher with many taking the opportunity to get out in the great outdoors and make the most of the weather. With the forecast set for blue skies, sun and temperatures up to the mid-twenties, many are heading to the coast or parks to enjoy the sunshine.

Sunshine all around

Sarah Brown who has headed from London to Brighton for the weekend says: “When I saw it was going to be wall to wall sunshine for four days, I thought it’s the ideal time to take a mini break.”

Alison Patterson who has been spending the day in the sun in Newquay, Cornwall says: “It’s just glorious. The kids are playing on the beach, I’m reading a book and it’s the first time I’ve managed to catch some rays in a long time! The weather also lifts everyone’s mood which is an added bonus!”

Those who are working have been taking advantage of their lunch breaks to leave the office and catch some sun.

Set to last all of the Easter break

And even the most dedicated of sun-worshippers don’t need to worry about cramming all of their sunning into one day as the glorious weather is set to continue over the Easter weekend, with temperatures set to rise to 24C on Saturday.

Indeed, with the weather being hotter in the UK than in some of the most popular holiday destinations such as Morocco, Majorca and the Canary Islands – click here, people are enjoying the long weekend by basking in the sun and enjoying picnics and barbecues – just don’t forget that all-important SPF!