So THIS Is Why Walkers Crisps Go Out Of Date On A Saturday

Walkers Crisp

And the reason is simpler than you think...

Most of us may be too busy stuffing our faces with the snack to realise, but serious crisp lovers have been scratching their heads as to why Walkers crisps always go out of date on a Saturday.

As much as we would love to tell you a magical tale of how Gary Lineker turns into a Walkers' fairy and sneezes on them during the weekend - the answer is sadly a lot more logical than that.

Walkers Crisp

The question was asked so much in fact that crisp lovers had even dedicated a whole Facebook page about the matter named: 'ALL Crisps Go Out Of Date On A Saturday, FACT'.

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Fans of the snack have even been posing the question on Twitter with one user, Dan Melon posting: 'I've been baffled for a while. Why are all you're "best before" dates on you're crisp products always fall on a Saturday?'

Sam Rivers even challenged people to find a packet that doesn't go out of date on a Saturday, asking: 'If anyone finds a Walkers crisp packet that doesn't expire on a Saturday. Do be a darling and send me a photo.'

So what is the reason we hear you ask? Well we won't keep you in suspense any longer.

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It's nothing to do with the crisps themselves (or even Gary Lineker) - It's all to do with the manufacturing process.

According to Walker's website, production week starts on a Sunday which means that every packet produced will expire on a Saturday. A statement on the website reads: ''As the week ends on the Saturday, the best before date will always end on a Saturday.'

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So there you have it! The crisp mystery all wrapped up.

(We liked the Gary Lineker version better - But hey, What can you do)

Walkers Crisp