King’s School and Nursery

King’s School is part of the Cognita Schools Group, which manages a family of independent schools. Each school enjoys an excellent reputation within its community.

King’s School is a school with a strong Christian ethos. This informs our philosophy and can be seen throughout the daily life of the school. They endeavour to foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect in all their children while encouraging individuals to fulfil their potential and feel that their unique contribution is valued.

Class numbers are carefully considered in order to provide the support and attention that each child requires; this is particularly helpful when laying down the foundations for the core subjects. Their objective is to develop the highest standards of self-discipline and behaviour within a supportive environment.

It’s their belief that children experience a greater sense of security in a well-disciplined system. They aim to help children realise their potential in terms of academic achievement, aesthetic appreciation and spiritual awareness. They encourage children, whilst being individuals, to respect themselves as well as the rights, views and property of others.

They believe that education should be a partnership between caring parents and a caring school. School and family life should be complementary, working to the same end to help each child grow into a well-rounded person. At King's School, they aim to teach good manners and thoughtfulness for others. They encourage their children to take responsibility and to gain in self-confidence, self-discipline and maturity, appreciating the needs and feelings of those around them.

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Find them:
Hartley Road, Mannamead
Plymouth, PL3 5LW
TEL: 01752 771789