1,000 Silent Victims Helped in Plymouth

In the first 18 days of July 2012, more than 80 school children in Plymouth have been given help after witnessing, hearing or being involved with domestic violence in their homes and between their families.

A simple phonecall by police to the Head teacher can put the school in the picture - the child can be met at the school gates to see if the have the books they need, their P.E. kit or even dinner money.

More than 1,000 Plymouth school children who have experienced domestic violence have been helped deal with the issues it causes since a groundbreaking support project was launched in February 2011.

This number of children was represented by a thousand school children from schools involved in the project gathering at Home Park stadium to show in real terms how many children have been helped.

1,000 children gather at Home Park

Operation Encompass was set up to ensure that schools are made aware if a pupil has been the victim of, or witness to, violence at home.

LISTEN HERE: Superintendent Chris Eastwood

More than 90 city schools have signed up to the operation and many advertise that they are 'Encompass Schools' in their prospectuses and on websites.


Already a force in Wales has started their version, another five around the UK are looking into it.

LISTEN HERE: Richard Marsh Head teacher Stoke Damerel Primary school

The operation has also received national recognition. The Government sponsored Munro review of child protection describes it as 'innovative', and the recent call to end violence against women and girls has included it in its action plan as good practice in partnership working.

For further information please visit: www.operationencompass.org 

To see a video of the project CLICK HERE