Animal Welfare Campaign To Regulate Fireworks

17 March 2016, 06:00 | Updated: 17 March 2016, 11:45

We are being urged to back the national bid to bring about new restrictions on domestic firework use.

The campaign is to restrict the use of fireworks to reduce stress and fear in animals an pets. 

The groups aim is to maximise awareness ahead of the 2nd April petition deadline. 

Heidi, who is a city-based horse and dog owner, professional dog walker and respected dog breeder is fed up of seeing animals hiding in fear, panting, salivating and trembling uncontrollably. 

The petition explains that fireworks now occur at all times of the day and evening for many weeks during autumn and winter. 

It details how pet and animal owners struggle to keep their companion animals safe during this extended period, calling for fireworks use, by the general public to be permitted on traditional celebration dates only with exceptions for special public events like Plymouth hosting of the National Fireworks Championships. 

It also depicts how unregulated and unexpected domestic displays affect, young children, children with autism, asthma suffers, fibromyalgia sufferers to name but a few.

Another large number of sufferers are service men and woman with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

The RSPCA one of many supporters of our campaign they receive hundreds of calls relating to fireworks in October and November last year alone. 

Heidi told Heart: "We are not looking to ban fireworks. 

"We do firmly believe one person's entertainment should not be another's torment. 

"We are looking for a compromise in the legislation, to reduce the days that people are allowed to use fireworks. 

"Something similar to the Isle of Man fireworks regulations would be ideal as they have specified time frames for displays and anything outside of those dates would need to be applied for 10 days in advance."

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