Devon Animal Home Reaches Bursting Point

A Devon animal charity is struggling to cope after having more unwanted pets dumped on its doorstep than ever before. 

Gables Farm near Plymouth has reached bursting point with a maximum capacity of 130. 

But there are still 200 cats and 150 dogs waiting to get in. 

The charity aims to rehome or re-unite the animals with their owners and provides constant veterinary care and attention for them during their stay. 

However, due to the increasing number of pets being selfishly dumped at the home the farm is starting to feel the pressure. 

So far this year, the farm has had 17 cats abandoned - that's 10 more than last year where only seven were dumped at the home. 

As a non-euthanasia charity they refuse to select a healthy animal and put it to sleep to make space for more animals and while a lot of people are aware they myst wait their turn, there are still many selfish people who jump the queue by dumping their pet unannounced. 

This has meant they've had to set up dog crates in corridors. 

LISTEN HERE: Heart's Gemma Mullin speaks to general manager Claire Wadsworth

Other rescue centre's across the country have noticed a sharp increase in the number of pets being dumped or neglected, but due to the sheer lack of space and only a certain amount of kennels and cat pens, Gables Farm is failing to keep up with the same amount of volume that the larger homes can cope with. 

It's believed the problem is down to financial strains on families and not thinking about the long-term commitment of having a pet before they get one. 

Staff and volunteers at the charity are urging pet owners to think about their actions and for breeders to slow down for the time being.

If you can help then click here for more information: or ring 01752 331 602