Devon Troops Bomb Find

South West-based Royal Marines of 30 Commando have carried out a successful operation in an insurgent stronghold of Helmand resulting in a substantial weapons find and a number of insurgents being detained.

The seizure included:

  • 34 x pressure plates
  • 40KG Home Made Explosives (HME)
  • 1 x chest rig (could be used as a suicide vest)
  • 1 x AK 47
  • 1 x PKM (Kalashnikov's Machine-gun Modernized)
  • 1 x RPG
  • 25 batteries
  • Significant number of charges and detonator components
  • Command wires and detonation cord
  • 150 rounds of various calibre of ammunition
  • 7 x projectiles (used as IED components)


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The Brigade Reconnaissance Force comprises Royal Marines (Plymouth), soldiers from 24 Commando Regiment (North Devon), Royal Engineers, 29 Commando Regiment (Plymouth), Royal Artillery and 9th 12th Lancers and Royal Military Police.

Picture of bomb making material

The operation was in the Zumbalay area of Nahr-e Saraj North which includes Khar Nikah, Saidan, Yakchal, Adinza and Rahim. This was once an area where insurgents were firmly established and able to move freely, storing weapons and material which was used to target innocent civilians as well as Afghan and ISAF personnel.

However, despite improvements in security over recent months, intelligence suggests that insurgent commanders have been still operating in the area and putting the lives of locals and coalition forces at risk.  

Afghan soldiers from 3 Kandak, of the Afghan National Army’s 215 Brigade, took the lead in planning and executing the operation with the BRF in support.