East End Transport Scheme

The East End of Plymouth will remain 'open for business' despite six months of work on Laira Bridge and Gdynia Way.

It's going to cost £19.1 million pounds with funding secured from the South West Regional Development Agency and the Government.

Preparatory work will begin in March 2010 with the main construction period starting in may 2010 and lasting for approximately 18 months.

It's one of the main commuter routes into the city with 28 thousand vehicle movements every day. Traffic bosses admit there will be disruption especially in the rush hour but they are convinced it will be worth it in the end.

Have a look and the final scheme map and the diversion route: GO HERE

The scheme will deliver:

  • The creation of a new public transport priority route along Embankment Road from cattedown Roundabout continuing to laira Bridge Road and Heles terrace.
  • The widening of Gdynia Way to provide an additional lane to flow in the eastbound direction
  • The relocation of Marsh Mills bound traffic from Embankment Road onto the new Gdynia Way.
  • Plymstock bound traffic from Marsh Mills relocated from Heles Terrace to a new link road on Embankment Lane.
  • Re-routing of cycle lane facilities to provide a more direct and safer route.
  • Improvements in the public realm, pedestrian crossing facilities, local highway for Prince Rock school, and air quality, noise, road safety and congestion.

Key Milestones:

  • July/August 08       Eastern Corridor consultation
  • March 09               Succesful bid for CIF Funding
  • August 09                  Community Consultation
  • Sept 09 to March 10   Continued community consultation
  • Early March 10           Site clearance along Gdynia Way
  • April to May 10          Mobilisation period and advanced works
  • June to Oct 10          Gdynia Way CLOSED
  • Oct 10 to March 11    Embankment Road and Public Realm improvements
  • March 11 to Nov 11   Embankment Lane Link Road construction
  • November 11           Full scheme opening