Film Star Gives 'For Mums Everywhere'

We've all done it but what would happen if an A list celebrity gave you money for a charity skydive in aid of St Luke's Hospice in memory of your mum? 

That's exactly what happened to one Plymouth man Will Heightley sent out hundreds of sponsorship requests to celebrities on Twitter, he wasn't expecting much back. 

But after sending out 500 Twitter requests he got a response from Hollywood film star Whoopi Gooldberg whose films include Jumpin' Jack Flash and star of the hit 'Sister Act' film. 

Not only did she donate £200 on his Just Giving page, but she also left the message: 'For mums everywhere'. 

The poignant message from Whoopi commenting on Will's challenge as he remembers his mum after she tragically lost her life to cancer when Will was just 14-years-old, after fighting cancer for 5-years.

Will Heightley gets backing from Whoopi Goldberg

Will's mum, Pam Heightley, passed away on January 4, 2000, aged 42, after battling to the final stage of remission from breast cancer. 

One month on Will's brother, Engineer Sapper Chris Heightley, died at Bovington Camp in Dorset. 

Since the heartache Will has decided to change the lives of others suffering, and has raised over £1,200 for St Luke's Hospice, and he is still hoping more pledges will come in. 

Will is taking to the skies on Monday 20th August as St Luke's Hospice attempts to break a Guinness World Record with the most people parachuting in tandem in 24 hours from flight level 150. To sponsor Will, logon to