Google Street view

For the first time streets in Plymouth will come alive on the internet as Google street view goes live.

Photographs of every street in Plymouth will be on show to the rest of the world from today.

Google street maps in bringing the rest of the UK on-line after a successful project involving 25 cities.

By following the instructions above you'll be able to see where to go for that job interview. Where and what to see at local city landmarks.

See below a screen grab of the Hoe.

Screen grab of the Hoe

Critics say the new system is a security risk for places like Devonport navel base, the Citadel and at a street level it could give away security secrets for buildings and businesses.

But Google say there's no risk as the photographs only show what can be seen on ground level as a person is walking down the street. And they've got a facility for people to lodge any problems and faces, car number plates or other sensitive items that need blurring can be done.