Lack of Family Accomodation at Hospitals

Families in Devon with seriously ill children often have to travel to places further afield like Bristol and Birmingham in order to provide their child with the treatment they need.

This is a costly and traumatic experience as parents have days off work and often struggle to afford accomodation for extended periods of time, not to mention the cost of food and petrol.

However, thanks to Ronald McDonald House charities, all this is starting to change.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities provide free 'home away from home' accommodation enabling families to stay close to their sick child and maintain a degree of normal life.

The charity has recently launched the 'Your Change Changes Lives' campaign to encourage the public to donate their loose change to the charity.

In their national survey it shows over a half (50%) of people from Plymouth have £1 to £10 of loose change at any time, but only 9% choose to donate any of the money they have to charity

Many families have to travel long distances so that their children can receive the specialist treatment they need and regularly use the accommodation for as long as they need it.

Jon Haward, head of RMHC say that the accommodation is also a place where parents and families can meet other families in the same position.

Jon Haward



Sarah Morgan from Plymouth, whose daughter needed to travel further afield to receive treatment, describes the 'logistical nightmare' that they faced, when they first had to travel.

Sarah Morgan Before





Now, because of the charity, the Morgans are able to stay in Birmingham, opposite the hospital where Emily receives treatment. This is something which Sarah says gives families in the same situation a chance to bond.

Sarah Morgan After




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