Match day preparation

Now we’re only considering that SWAG’s need to prepare only on match days for Country, in most cases, England games, if second and third team choices come in to play, you have full rights to put your foot down and get out your ‘red card’.

Firstly, what programmes of yours need to be recorded? 

Realising 5 minutes into the game, that you’ve forgotten to red button what happens next in Albert Square is NOT going to go down well- if you’ve given up TV rights for those ’90 minutes of the beautiful game’ that doesn’t include a ‘switch over quick babes, I need to record Eastenders’ clause! 

Chances are the biggest moment of the World Cup will happen in those few seconds and it’ll be brought up in any argument for the next 3 years! 

You also need to bear in mind that during the latter stages of the competition, if a match goes to extra time or penalties- the programme you were hoping to record may be moved to a later slot, or EVEN cancelled.

Are you going to actually going to sit and watch the game?  Think hard about any endearingly ‘stupid’ questions you need to ask beforehand and make sure you get them in before kick off. 

Apparently ‘it’s really annoying’ if you ask such questions during the game (see later section on What to and what not to say’)!

1 in 5 women who have little or no interest in football have been surveyed as saying  that when their partner was watching football they would receive a present or money to compensate for not spending that time with them. 

Only 1 in 5?!  Come on, this World Cup is probably one of the best bargaining tools that has come up since the last one!  These negotiations need to be set pre-game- if he wants his England shirt and lucky pants washed and ironed, what will you be getting in return? 

Please don’t use the 90 minutes to ‘catch up on the ironing, washing up, etc’.  This is a brilliant opportunity to purely indulge in yourself!  A rrreeeaaallly long bath, night out with the girl’s, pampering session round at your mates, anything you want- cocktails, mocktails, a couple of tapas, embrace your inner SWAG!

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