Parents School Parking Warning

Schools in the North of the city are trying to get parents to see sense when they drop their chidlren off at school.

Reports of parking on zig-zag lines, double yellows and even on resdients driveways have forced officers to tackle the daily gauntlet after lots of complaints from residents.

Warning notices and words of advice are being given to those who flout the law.

Many parents say they're only going to be 2 minutes and return nearly 20 minutes later. On occasions they've parked across residents driveways blocking them in so they can't get to work. On one occasion they've even parked IN a driveway.

This resident is fed up with the daily barrage of abuse: CLICK HERE

PCSO's watch parents parking

PCSO's and police have been patrolling during the morning rush hour and at home time and have been amazed by the way parents are prepared to put the lives of their child at risk to save a few metres in the school walk.

It's even been seen that a parent opened the door and pushed their child out of the car while the vehicle was still moving.