Plymouth Legal Highs Shop Gets Raided

9 April 2013, 15:59 | Updated: 9 April 2013, 16:31

The unexplained deaths of three men has seen Plymouth police crack down on legal highs.

Heart was there this morning as a team of police, along with trading standards officers, carried out a search on a Plymouth shop.
Officers issued a warrant on the property, which they'd had issued by Plymouth magistrates.
In an operation known as 'Eccles' investigators have been looking into the misuse of 'so-called' legal highs.
Items taken from the same shop previously and examined by forensics, found the legal drugs contained Class B controlled substances  
Some of the highs known as 'Super Spangle' and 'Gogaine' are known to increase your heart rate, cause hallucinations and in some cases even psychosis; they also come with a disclaimer which states ''NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION''.
'Gogaine' So-Called Legal High
Detective Inspector Nick West told Heart, knowing people are taking something meant for plant food or even fish tank cleaner is a huge concern to them.

40 year old Andrew Dan died after falling from his balcony in Tavvy House in Devonport in January; his family claim he'd taken a cocktail of legal highs bought from the shop in question, four days before falling to his death.

Two shop workers were arrested following the raid and taken to Crownhill Police Station for questioning.