Plymouth Schools Support Children

Operation Encompass has been created so that by 9am on the next school day 14 Devonport schools will be notified by police if any of their pupils have seen or heard any form of domestic incident.

The pilot project has been so successful money has been found to expand the service across Plymouth.

Head teachers who have seen first hand how it works want it to go further and think it should be a rolled out nationally.

Sgt David Carney-Haworth




This knowledge is used by the school for early intervention through silent or overt support dependent on the needs and wishes of the child.

Head teacher Richard Marsh



Bronwyn Lacey



Since 27th February 2011 - when the scheme was introduced - to 4th July 2011.

Police have attended 720 domestic incidents just in Devonport.

73 incidents of doestic abuse involved school age children

158 children in school supported through Key Adults.

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