SOS Day: Where Will The Devon Money Go?

The money raised from SOS Day events in the south west will go towards new lifejackets for RNLI volunteers.

It costs between £2 000 and £4 500 to equip a station's volunteers with new lifejackets. The new jackets will provide a better fit and improve safety for volunteers, leading to greater efficiency in lifesaving.

But lifejackets aren't the RNLI's only expense.


Here's a breakdown of some of the other costs they have to meet. Volunteer equipment and training: 

  • All-weather lifejacket - £350
    Inshore lifejacket - £330
    Gloves - £16
    Yellow wellies - £42
    Personal equipment for a lifeguard (including rescue tube, binoculars, wetsuit) - £490
    Training - £1,266 per crew member and £504 per lifeguard
  • Red and yellow flag - £12
    Rescue board - £780
    Inshore rescue boat - £9,000
  • D Class inshore lifeboat - £39,000
    Atlantic inshore lifeboat - £180,000
    Tamar class all weather lifeboat - £2.7 million

So whether you can give a little or lot, it really will make a difference. Every donation will go towards helping the RNLI's teams continue their lifesaving work.

Check out our website to find out how you can get involved in SOS Day 2012.