Teenagers and Anti Social Behaviour

Much maligned, today's teenager in Devon does have a hard balancing act to achieve.

Your walking down a street in front of you is a group of teenagers - hanging around with nothing to do...

So would you cross over and avoid eye-contact? Walk past them as quickly as possible? Or stop and chat and engage in conversation?




Most approximately 90% would choose the first or second option....




But what's the difference from when you where a child? Were you bored? Did you hang around on street corners or in the park with your mates in the summer? Did you drink alcohol?

So how can things change?

We're told that an Anti-social Behaviour order or ASBO is a badge of honour for many children, but for this group it's a way to drop out of society, become a drain on society and lead to a life of crime when they become adults.




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