Tell us YOUR news

What other local media can report a story within 30 minutes of it breaking - direct to your local area?

This is heard whilst many people are still at work, on the move, or even shopping.

Well your local Heart radio station can. News on our (and your) station is immediate, regular and reports on stories that effect your lives.
The news team consist of me, News Editor Michaela Richards, Deputy Gareth Boulton and our Field Reporter Andy Ballantyne. This successful team have been working together for the last three years and all members of the team are local so have a real passion and feel for Plymouth and the South Hams.
Some of the breaking news stories we have covered in the last eighteen months include; New Year snow, The tragic Southway explosion and the murder of Dale Normington.

Our on-line news service has grown massively over the past years. We give you more news than we can broadcast on air by giving you the chance to see pictures, plans and comment on stories, as well as hearing extra audio stories to enjoy a truly interactive experience.

As part of Global Radio we have reporters all over the country which enables us to bring you the very latest breaking news from across our country. Your local team here in Plymouth provide national content for our other stations when something breaks here in the South West. The Boscastle floods is a good example your local news team working all hours to provide the very latest news for as many people as possible.

Our News team is definitely 'locally tuned but nationally wired'.
We'd love to here from you if you have any stories for us, and remember to give us your 'exclusives' as we can report on them today. We're your local news team..