Urbie Fully Loaded

43 out of 43 neighbourhood's in Plymouth report problems with anti social behaviour.

A new mobile youth centre will be hitting the streets this Spring to try to beat the problem.

The Urbie is somewhere teenagers can go to hang out with friends and use the facilities on offer. The centre houses computers, a built-in PlayStation 3 games console and surround sound MP3 feature.

John Miller, the Head of Integrated Youth Services.

There is also an awning and external lighting system for outdoor activities as the evenings get lighter.

It has been designed to target areas of Plymouth with little or no activities on offer for young people in the evenings and at weekends. Initially it will cover the Estover, Eggbuckland and Leigham areas.

Damon Wiltshire from the Youth Opportunity Panel

Experienced youth workers are on hand to offer support and guidance on a range of issues.

Brendan Wake will be one of them:

The opening times haven't been confirmed yet but it is expected they will be between 5:30pm and 10pm.

Urbie will begin touring our streets in late April, early May.