Ellie and Anna Have Issues: Episode 12

16 November 2018, 12:56

ellie and anna Have Issue

Zoe Hardman joins Anna as Ellie's maternity cover - and reveals she can't quite believe what X rated item she saw on the shelves at Sainsbury's...

Ep 12: The Business of Beauty / Sex Toys 

It’s Zoe Hardman’s first show sitting in for Ellie who’s on maternity leave, so she comes armed with biscuits. And issues. 

First up, the business of beauty, so the conversation turns to things falling off your face, hair extensions called Boris, Jackson Pollock paintings and looking like one of the Muppets. 

Also, Zoe had quite the experience in the supermarket when she saw vibrators on the shelves. Yes, you can buy bullets for less than four salmon fillets!

Ever since they joined the Heart family, Sundays have been upgraded from worst day of the week to the ultimate girls' night in.

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Dating, sex, to family matters, fashion disasters and those little things you notice and need to tell someone, Heart's very own dynamic duo don't hold back

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