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Fundraising FAQs:

1. Help - I’ve accidentally set up my JustGiving page for Cancer Research UK!

If you’ve accidentally set up a JustGiving page for Cancer Research UK rather than Have a Heart, don’t worry this problem can be very easily solved. We need you to set the page up for Have a Heart so that your sponsorship is included in our team total. We will then send these funds over to Cancer Research UK to help with their amazing work.

  • Setting up a Just Giving Page for Have a Heart is really easy. Click here to join the team and then follow this very simple process:
  • Click “Join the team” and select “Make a new fundraising page”
  • Choose “Have a Heart” as your charity
  • Select the option to “Take part in an organised event” and choose your event
  • Fill in your details and you’re ready to start fundraising!

2. I want to cancel my Cancer Research UK page

If you’ve accidentally set up a JustGiving page for Cancer Research UK, you need to cancel this page and set up a new one for Have a Heart. We need you to do this to stop people from continuing to donate to your Cancer Research page. Select the “cancel your page” option from the page settings bar which is found on the right hand side of your window.

3. Where does the money I’ve already raised for Cancer Research UK go?

We may be able to transfer funds that you’ve already raised for Cancer Research UK to the Team Heart total. Don’t worry, there’s nothing more that you need to do to sort this. 

All we need you to do is to set up a new JustGiving page for Have a Heart and raise your £75 pledge.

 4. Why am I raising money for HAH rather than Cancer Research UK?

This year Have a Heart is working with Cancer Research UK to enter special Team Heart groups in to the Race for Life. Running with our female Heart presenters and other members of Team Heart you’ll be raising money for Have a Heart. We add all of your fundraising to the Team Heart total and then send all of your hard earned sponsorship to Cancer Research UK to support their inspirational work.

5. How do I join the team?

Follow this link to the Have a Heart page. Scroll down and click more teams, until you find yours. Click ‘join the team’ and then follow the on screen instructions. 

6. Where can I get a sponsorship form?

If you’re planning on fundraising offline, you can find lots of resources to help you on the Team Heart Race for Life fundraising hub. You can download sponsorship forms and a poster to help you with your event preparations.

7. How do I pay in sponsorship

Please make cheques payable to “Have a Heart” and send them to Have a Heart, 30 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LA. Make sure you write your name and Race for Life on the back of the cheque so that we can add it to your fundraising total.


Event FAQs

1. I’d like to switch location

Team Heart is taking part in 23 Race for Life events across the UK. This means that you are only able to run with Team Heart in certain events. Contact the team using the details below and we will see if we have availability in another location near you. 

2. Is the course suitable for pushchairs?

Yes, all of the Team Heart Race for Life events are suitable for pushchairs. However please note that participants with pushchairs may be asked to start at the back to prevent congestion on the course.

3. Can I bring my dog?

All of the Team Heart Race for Life events except Caernarfon are suitable for dogs. However, we would ask that you be a responsible dog owner when bringing your pet to a Race for Life event; scoop the poop and make sure you bring water to keep your pet hydrated.

4. Is the main event area on grass or hard standing?

All of the Team Heart Race for Life events are taking place on grass.

5. Can wheelchair users take part?

Unfortunately not all of the Race for Life courses are suitable for wheelchair users, however the Team Heart Race for Life courses at Luton, Northampton, Swindon, Gloucester City, Peterborough, Norwich, Chelmsford, Coventry and Warwickshire, Dudley, Sutton Colfield, Caernarfon, Wrexham and Maidstone are accessible for wheelchair users with assistance. If you would like more details on the course please don’t hesitate to contact us using the details below.

6. Is parking available?

Parking varies at each event, you will be provided with transport and parking information as part of your pre-race pack. Where possible we urge you to use public transport.

7. I can’t afford the reg fee

Unfortunately you need to pay the £22 registration fee to be able to take part in the Race for Life with Team Heart. We’re sorry if this means you are unable to take part but we have to take this fee in order to meet our administration costs and ensure all of Team Heart’s fundraising goes towards the amazing work of Cancer Research UK. 

Can't find the information you need? Contact us! 

If you need to speak to the team you can contact us on the below, the office is open Monday -Friday 9.00 - 5.00pm

Email: or call our Hotline: 0800 088 7000