Camp Mohawk

4 October 2018, 15:10 | Updated: 4 October 2018, 15:11

Camp Mohawk is a charity which supports over 500 families across Berkshire, helping children with special needs to realise their full potential, build their self-confidence and have fun.

The centre provides specially designed facilities, workshops and activities for youngsters, like Finn. Finn is seven years old and has been a regular at Camp Mohawk during the school holidays for the last few years. 

Finn loves to play outdoors, but living with autism can sometimes mean he has severe ‘meltdowns’ which can be difficult for his family to manage in public spaces. 

His dad told us: “Camp Mohawk is an absolute haven! People just talk or listen to Finn without letting the label of autism blind the fact that he’s just a little boy who wants to do everything other little boys do. The magic is in watching my son slowly practise interactions with children, parents, or staff in an environment where he isn’t judged or laughed at. He is allowed to make mistakes, and as a result Finn’s social skills have greatly improved. We have no family locally, so Camp Mohawk staff are our extended family.” 

Global’s Make Some Noise will fund the charity’s ‘Family Support Project’ – a series of sessions during the school holidays, where children can enjoy their amazing facilities, including the sensory garden, creative playrooms, accessible woodland and soft play, all while being supported by Camp Mohawk’s brilliant team of staff. 

To find out more about Camp Mohawk, visit the charity’s website here