Toby's Feelgood Favourites

The tunes to give me a lift:

  • Earth Wind and Fire - 'September'
  • Keane "Somewhere - 'Only We Know'
  • Dario G - 'Sunchyme'

Feelgood moments in my life:

When I left the jungle on 'I'm A Celebrity', having lost two stone, and feeling a bit lost and emotional, I saw my then girlfriend and twin sister Kate. That feelgood moment got even better when we were pigging out on McDonalds while sitting on our bedroom balcony at The Versace Hotel. Amazing!

Graduating from University, with friends and family was a pretty great feeling. After three years of fun and hard work (at times!), then receiving a degree at the University Of Surrey was a very happy and satisfying time.

Chilling out with good friends at Salinas beach in Ibiza every summer always makes me feel good. The sun, good food, good company and plenty of sangria!

Ever had trouble using your phone in the bath?

Well check out the new invention from Dominic Wilcox that could make bath time tweeting a whole lot easier!

Dominic Wilcox says he often found himself wanting to use his touchscreen phone while in the bath, but because his fingers were wet, it made it impossible to use.  He then realised he could navigate his screen by pressing the phone against his nose, which lead to him creating a finger-nose stylus.

Check it out below.