Your top ten feelgood foods

We've asked you what your feelgood food is, and here are your answers...

What's the dish that warms up your belly and immediately brings you comfort?

Will it be a treat or a healthy dish? And will British recipes come out on top?

For many of Facebook friends and Twitter followers it was what their mums used to cook them. For some it's linked to memories (fish and chips on holiday) and for others (we kid you not!) it's a fried Mars bar.

So, what's your feelgood food? Without further ado, we give the top ten, as voted by you

10 - Fish fingers
A favourite of many, it brings back childhood memories.

9 - Bubble and Squeak
For some it's no more than leftovers, for others the most delicious thing on the planet.

8 - Beef Stew
A traditional dish that still warms up your belly and your cockles

7 - Ham, Eggs and Chips
Quick and easy, and still a favourite

6 - Roast Dinner
This dish is all about family and so many of you love it

5 = Shepherd's Pie/Pasta
A tie between two traditional dishes: one from the UK, the other from Italy

4 = Lasagne/Ice-Cream
Italy is once more in your hearts (and in your tummies) with lasagne and ice-cream in a tie for fourth place

3 - Cheese on Toast
Sometimes the simplest foods are the most delicious

2 - Curry
In all shapes and forms so many of you voted for this spicy delight!

1 - Chips
A typical British food, and still the nation's number one!

And some that didn't make the list but many of you like: bacon sandwich, chocolate, lemon pie, sausages, chicken pie, sponge pudding and custard.