Get To Know Gethin

Gethin Jones in a tuxedo

Meet your brand new Heart presenter as he reveals his proudest achievement, his ultimate hero and what's left on his bucket list!

Describe yourself in three words?:, friends (lol if you thought I was going to say the other thing there for a second!)

What's your proudest achievement?:

Setting up my own charity for Autism. Everyone involved in it are so amazing!

Favourite item in your wardrobe?:

My travel pillow

What couldn't you live without?:

Weirdly...salad cream

Go on, 'fess up your secret crush?:

Kate Garaway... I hope I bump into her at Global!

Who's your ultimate hero?:

Anyone who works for charity really

Favourite holiday destination?:


What was your first job?:

A builder

What did you want to be when you were younger?:

 A fireman! They're such heroes! 

What's your favourite place in the whole wide world?:

Celtic Manor

Do you have any hobbies?:

I love trying new things rather than having any set hobbies

Your favourite film is?:

The Bourne film franchise

What's on your bucket list?:

Rio 2016!

What's on your perfect Sunday lunch menu?

Traditional chicken!

What's your pub quiz specialist subject? 

Sport and Geography