Make A Millionaire Final: Watch Jamie and Amanda make one listener a millionaire

28 May 2021, 11:23 | Updated: 23 November 2021, 18:13

Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

Today is the day... Heart made someone a Millionaire! Here's what happened...

It's Make Me A Millionaire Final day at Heart - and one listener has now won a life-changing amount of money!

Shelley from Northampton was made a Millionaire!

She owns a burger van, and turned down £10,000 on March 19th for a place in the Million Pound Final.

Shelley told Heart that if she won £1,000,000 she would finish the extension on her house - but she has also dreamed of owning a smallholding in Scotland, and maybe even start her own Cafe!

Her partner Nick was by her side as she chose Box 2 - and won a life-changing amount of money! The couple have been together for 25 years, and have five kids and three grandchildren.

The first person she called to tell about her win was her daughter Sydney, who told Jamie and Amanda that when her mum got the call to say she had been selected to play Make Me A Millionaire back in March, she picked it up thinking it was an order for a burger!

Listen now to this morning's Heart Breakfast, and the nail-biting Heart's Make Me A Millionaire Final from start to finish

We made Shelley a Millionaire, live on Heart!
We made Shelley a Millionaire, live on Heart! Picture: Heart

Family is so important for the big-hearted nan, and she has revealed that she plans to make a donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

They have treated two of her poorly young relatives, and saved her dad’s life in 2013 with open heart surgery.

After losing both her grandparents in 2013, she’s grateful she didn’t lose her dad too.

Shelley knows that no amount of money would be able to thank them for keeping her dad around, but it would mean the world to her to be able to say thank you.

What happened today?

Amanda Holden was live and direct from the Make Me A Millionaire Vault. It’s dark, there are bars on the walls, a load of safety deposit boxes, a big red table and a giant safe.

Inside that safe were 38 numbered balls. All our finalists were live on a Zoom call, and each one of the finalists had been assigned to one of the balls.

Amanda randomly selected nine balls out of the safe… Those nine will then went through to the Grand Final later this morning to play for that life changing ONE MILLION POUNDS!

One more person joined them after hearing Britney play, winning the final place.

In the Grand Final, the Finalists were asked - in the order that they had been selected in the previous round - to choose a safety deposit box numbered 1-10.

One of these boxes contained the magic words... "Heart Make Me A Millionaire!"

Shelley was the eighth person to choose... she opted for Box 2 and won the cash!

How can I watch the Make Me A Millionaire Final?

We will be live streaming all the action from the Million Pound Vault live on Heart's Facebook, Twitter, Global Player - and on this page!

To watch all the action from the initial selection onwards, you can do via Global Player.

Simply open the app, or go to the website and press the 'watch live' icon. Jamie and Amanda will say on air when we are broadcasting, or you can just keep an eye on it!

Look out for this icon on Global Player to watch the live stream of the final
Look out for this icon on Global Player to watch the live stream of the final. Picture: Heart

To watch the Grand Final from 9am on Facebook, click here (and give us a like if you haven't already)

We will also be giving live updates via Twitter, click here to follow the finalists' journey (and tell us you're tuned in @thisisheart!)

Posted by Heart on Friday, May 28, 2021