Jennifer Lopez on why she would never want to be proposed to in public

14 February 2022, 19:34

Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and Maluma catch up with Dev Griffin

Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Jennifer Lopez told Heart's Dev Griffin that while she may love PDA, she doesn't think a proposal is made for a public place.

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Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and Maluma caught up with Heart's Dev Griffin on Monday night's show to discuss their new film, Marry Me.

And while Jennifer's character in the movie, Kat Valdez, is happy to share the most precious moments of her relationship with the world, the singer and actress has very different views of her own.

Talking on the show, Jennifer revealed that while she "loved" PDAs, she thinks that proposals should be kept private and between a couple.

She explained: "I love public displays of romance. I don't know if I would love a proposal [in public], that's a more intimate thing between two people."

She added: "I do think a proposal is kind of a sacred intimate thing that should just be between two people when you're about to pledge your lives to each other, that's a big deal."

You can watch the full interview with Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and Maluma in the video player above.

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