More about Jason

Did you see him first in Neighbours? Or when we was a worldwide pop superstar? Or on the telly last week?

He's been a household name for twenty years, from Neighbours to the celebrity jungle, from pop star to Echo Beach - he's pretty much been there and done it all.

No matter where you first you saw him, chances are you're familiar with our Sunday night presenter. He's crammed more into his thirty-odd years than many folks do in a lifetime, with at least three different careers so far (not to mention his new weekend job with us!).

No doubt, in between all the latest chart hits we'll hear him talking about his life and some stories from his career so far and he'll be sure to get you opinions on whatever the week's big news is whilst no doubt giving his own frank and open take on things. Who knows there might even be the odd showbiz friend on the phone.

Plus he'll be bringing his guitar into the studio... so there'll probably be a few bars of "Any Dream Will Do" somewhere in the show.

Make the most out of the last bit of your weekend every week with Jason Donovan.
Sunday Night with Jason Donovan - 7pm-10pm