Jason Donovan: "Oh those Cuban heels"

Heart's Jason Donovan on his Strictly Come Dancing progress (September 30th).

So what’s going on in the world of Strictly? Well I'm learning a lot.

Dance steps, good posture, the fact that Cuban heels murder your feet. The one thing I didn't expect was to pick-up a foreign language.

I've been learning bits of Russian in order to get in sync with my dance partner Kristina Rihanoff. I know all the important expressions: Yes, No, Why? I’m sorry… Slower please!

What I really need to learn is the Russian for "Can we please stop I think I’ve pulled muscle".

There is another thing that’s really helping at the moment… my wife’s 'Party Feet'.  I slipped them in my shoes for some added comfort. Nice!

I'll have some more SCD news on the show this Sunday – make sure you’re listening to Heart from noon!