Jason Donovan: Gary Barlow's Brucie texts

Heart's Jason Donovan has revealed he's getting texts of support from his close friend Gary Barlow.

The Take That star who shared a summer break with Jason was clearly impressed by his cha-cha-cha. Jason says "Gary sent me a text the event on Saturday night and we have this funny thing going on between each other, we do Brucie impersonations. That's where ‘Good game, good game’ came from and when you’re not doing too well Brucie says things like "Jason, you’re my favourite" just to make you feel ok within the competition.

"Gary then sent me a text and said "Jason, you will NEVER be Brucie’s favourite" and I thought that summed up the whole evening for me."

Of course both Jason and Gary will be sharing the small screen on Saturday night 'on different sides'. Jason says they'll probably both have butterflies, "It’s game on, he’s very supportive and I have to say he’s on Saturday night as well so the nerves are going to kicking in for Gazza - the big GB’."

It's the foxtrot this week for Jason as he aims to build on the 32/40 he scored for his cha cha cha.