Jason Donovan: "Hats off to Harry"

Heart's Jason Donovan give us his reaction to his paso doble.

"The inevitable has happened, yes, I have slipped down the leaderboard to the midway (after scoring 27 out of 40) It's tough being the opening act but in all honesty I do believe this was one of my better dances, I actually enjoyed it quite a lot and certainly from the dress rehearsal in the afternoon it seemed to come together.

"The whole landscape of this show is changing. I was very impressed with Chelsee's dance tonight - the whole concept, the song, the way she gave 100% and I have to take my hat off to Harry who I felt did an almost perfect dance with the waltz, beautiful interpretation and such a perfect frame.

"I'm a little disappointed but not disheartened. This is a long journey and life is about the journey not necessarily the destination.

"Next week we have the Quickstep that's a totally different vibe to the paso doble. Strictly is definitely on the way."