Jason eyes up the semi-final

Jason performed an American Smooth to 'Singing in the Rain' on Strictly's 'Movie Night'

Jason told us, ‘I have to say, I wasn’t feeling 100% tonight, I felt a little anxious. I felt like I was catching a cold today or maybe I was a little sick. Nonetheless, I went out there and danced to “Singing in the Rain”’

He went on to say ‘I was particularly happy with the first part of the dance before I went into the hold with Kristina. That bit when I came down the stairs, which was a homage to Gene Kelly, I think that went well. That at least gave me the encouragement to carry through. Kristina’s choreography was spot on.’

‘There was a little mistake if I’m absolutely honest and we did one spin too many in to what one calls the Promenade position. At the end of the day, it was a great score, I was very happy. I got a 9 from Craig, a 9 from Len, a 9 from Alesha and a 10 from Bruno. I couldn’t believe that, it really made my day.’

‘I got a total score of 37, Holly obviously did extremely well, she was second on the leaderboard with 38 and who would have thought the Shrek experience would shine through with Chelsee, she did an amazing job’

‘I have to say out of all the dances, even though I didn’t get to see it,  but I did get to see it in the dress rehearsal, I felt that Chelsee’s jive was absolutely outstanding and the scores reflected that with three 10s and a 9. She did extremely well.’

‘Harry did well too for his Rumba. If you remember my Rumba, I certainly didn’t get those scores. But overall, I think the competition has definitely gone up a notch and let’s just hope the we get through tomorrow night in the Results Show so we can get in the semi-final next week. Who knows, anything can happen’