Jason Donovan: "I am the oldest man left in the competition. That’s official"

We caught up with Jason as he came off stage after being pipped to the post by McFly’s , Harry Judd in the Swingathon.

Here's what Jason has to say:

“I’m very happy with the routine, it really went down well with all the judges. Unfortunately, one thing let me down which was my little kicks and I’ve just had a conversation with Bruno and Craig and they both said to me if I  had just done that right I would got the perfect 10”

“As it turns out, I got 9 from Craig, 9 from Len, 9 from Bruno and 9 from Alesha so that makes me second on the leader board not withstanding the  Swingathon which is not a bad place to be. “

“Of course I was pipped to the post by Mr Judd. What am I going to do about this guy? He’s got the magic feet, the magic hands, the endurance and I have to say, he’s a nice guy as well so it makes it even worse!”

“The Swingathon was tough. I have realised that I am the oldest man left in the competition. That is official. Harry worked out that I am 18 years older than him so therefore, he deserves a place”


Go Team Jason!