Jason Donovan: "I'm ready for a holiday"

Hi Jason Donovan here. Three weeks in… and I’m ready for a holiday!

Kristina’s been very patient with me over the last few days – I’ve learnt to Foxtrot and Tango, but the Paso Doble is hard enough to say – let alone dance.

It originates from Spain with bull fighting influences … the two dancers are the matador and the bull… but I’m still struggling to work out who’s the bull and who’s the matador…

Fingers crossed for the weekend though as its heating up backstage…

Nancy’s improving every week, Robbie Savage is in good shape and used to be a tough tackling footballer – so he won’t give up without a fight… but my money’s on Russell Grant or Chelsea Healey… definitely ones to watch.

Thanks for all your emails and messages of support, keep them coming in and make sure you tune in to my show on Heart this Sunday from midday.