Jason Donovan "He tops my leaderboard"

Former Strictly Come Dancing winner Camilla Dallerup says she's definitely supporting #Team Jason.

Camilla appeared in the first series in 2004 and won the show in 2008 with Holby City actor Tom Chambers.

The Danish star believes Jason can emulate Tom's achievement, "I love Jason Donovan - my money is on him to win Strictly Come Dancing. I rate his chances 100% to lift that trophy"

But Camilla admits she took some convincing, "When I saw him week one in the group dance (before the proper dance) I thought ooh a bit wooden, I wasn't too pleased but then I saw he worked really well, he's lovely to watch, he's a real entertainer I am a big and...he's at the top of my leaderboard"

Camilla says every week on Strictly is a hard week for the celebrities, "On Saturdays they're on a high after theshow but on Mondays its like climbing a massive mountain because you learn something completely new, starting from scratch again with a new dance. With my Strictly partners I used to train 5 or 6 hours a day. I can tell Jason Donovan is a hard worker."

Take a listen to Camilla's message for Jason...

Camilla Dallerup