Jason Donovan: Wham, Wembley & Lennon

An alarm clock, a spray tan, John Lennon and lots and lots of sweat...it's just another week in the life of Heart's Strictly Come Dancing star Jason Donovan.

Here are his thoughts on the week so far,

"Very excited this week..it's the Wembley show. I am in good spirits because the Viennese Waltz went down a treat (35 out of 40 and 3rd on the judges leaderboard)

"This week we're doing the Jive to Wham's Wake Me Up Before You Go Go...woah, what a tune.! This routine makes the Quickstep feel like a Waltz .... it's full on, lots of rock steps and lots of hard work. I am going through three singlets a day and having to stock up on my carbs.

"But have no doubt it's going to be a fun routine. We start of in a alarm clock, lots of hand claps around the arena, an 80s theme with head bands, leg warmers, a Don Johnson rolled up jacket, a spray tan and white teeth.

"The group dance should also be spectacular. It's to a Beatles medley and I'm playing John Lennon. Harry is Ringo, Russell is Paul and Robin (Windsor) is George. With 6000 people in the crowd at Wembley ... think big!

"It's going to be a big weekend."