Christmas Craze

It’s August and I’m talking about Christmas… hear me out.

At this time of year manufacturers along with major department stores show off all the must have toys and games this year that kids (and some adults) will be desperate for when Santa decides to get back to work.

I went to one of these toy fairs yesterday and among the revitalised board games like circular Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit-with-betting-chips there was a new craze (!). I use the word ‘craze’ carefully as it is often over used and sometimes as an optimistic marketing word by keen PR execs at toy fairs.

Meet Cuponk.

Similar to something you may have paid £1 for 3 goes at a fairground you have to successfully bounce a ball into a small cup - devilishly hard but surprisingly addictive. I suggested to the man giving the demonstration that it was essentially just a ping pong ball and a plastic cup. But no!

For one thing these balls have a single pin hole in them which allegedly increases the balls aerodynamics. Furthermore, so he told me, ping pong balls are flammable! Cuponk balls are not. I may not have managed to get the ball in the container all afternoon but at least I walked away with that wholesome pearl of wisdom.

Below is a video to give you an idea what all the fuss is about. I doubt any of these were successful first attempts but it is quite impressive if you put in the time and effort.