Lady Gaga's meaty fashion

Take a look at your suggestions on Gaga fashion....

So over the weekend Lady Gaga made headlines with her haul of eight gongs at the MTV Video Music Awards. The Gaga did what she does best and took to the stage in an inventive outfit – consisting entirely of raw meat! Now I know she’s eccentric but that’s just ridiculous. Last night on the show I asked for your thoughts on how she could better this fashion decision next time…

Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions, here’s a selection:

Pauline - Lady Gaga’s next outfit should be made from fish skins or herring bones!
Nat - A straight jacket!

Adrian - lady gaga should next wear a paper bag!
Bon - A baked bean bikini!

Vicky - she should wear a mermaid outfit with the starfish bikini top and have a skirt that looks like a tail

Jenny - Lady Gaga should wear a bikini made of fresh grass trimmings glued together

Keturah - She should go back a few decades and dress as someone form the thirties or from the Victorian times.
I think Lady Gaga should wear cheese slices and gherkins!
A glass dress filled with Spiders… that would be crazy!
Bubble wrap

But the most shocking suggestion came from Harry, who said:
What about jeans and a t-shirt?
Plain and simple – surely that would be too daring for the Gaga??