Titanic 2: you must be joking

I cannot believe I am writing this but there is to be a Titanic 2.

This is not a joke, I repeat this is not a joke.

Basic idea – someone decided to build a second ship that looks the same only its 100 years later. Then, oh darn it, a long comes a tsunami that sends a giant iceberg (where did they get that idea from?!) into the ship.

Without wanting to second guess the film ending I imagine they radio for help and no one believes that lightning would strike twice… blah blah blah. I still didn’t believe the plot until I saw the trailer below. To be honest I’m still finding it hard to believe…

Why would anyone do this unless it was a deliberate slap stick comedy?!

Still, we should probably check it out – bad films are often more of a laugh than really good ones

Titanic II - Trailer
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