X Factor takes over the Christmas Chart

We Brits love tradition. At no time does tradition play more of a part than at Christmas. The Christmas number one battle is another of our great traditions. Actually perhaps that should be was one our great traditions. Since the inception of the X factor the whole contest has ceased to exist and I miss it.

I am clearly not alone, over 700 000 people have joined a Facebook campaign to have a different number 1 at Christmas this year. The song in question is 90s heavy metal rap act Rage Against The Machine with the tune 'Killing In The Name Of'. Such campaigns have been started in previous years but for a change this one seems to be working and isn't that nice? A genuine wonderment at who will win.

I don't normally buy singles at Christmas time but this year I have and I'm throwing my support behind the metal rap!

I voted for Joe last Sunday. I watched and enjoyed the X factor every week. I hope Joe McElderry has a long, happy career with plenty of No. 1s ...just not this week.

Why doesn’t the X factor winner release their debut single in the first week of the following year perhaps? Or at the start of December? As I said I have no problems with Joe McElderry or any other such winner getting to the top spot, just allow us to have our Christmas fun Mr. Cowell please..? Even if it does mean we get a Bob the Builder or a Blobby once in a while…

Earlier in the week I bought 'Killing in the Name' Of by Rage Against The Machine to pledge my support to a Christmas tradition I too would like back.

M x


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