Backstage at Grease

Hi there!

Thought you might like to come back stage with me at Grease.

Coming to the end of my fourth week in the show as Vince Fontain and Teen Angel, and loving it!

With all the Heart shows going as well, then 8 shows at the theatre as well, it’s a busy old time, but it’s all fun! Thought I was losing my voice last night though. Bit of a cold and flu bug going round the cast at the moment. Noel was off for a couple of days last week but he’s cool now. But when I went to hit a very high note at the end of Beauty School Drop Out last night, felt a bit husky and panicked that it may not happen, but fortunately it did.

The whole company are such blast to work with! All very talented and up for it cast. I’m learning loads from them. Got an amazing Rizzo' who you’ll see here in the piccies. Noel is superb as Danny! Siobahn, the most attractive Sandy ever, and amazing voice! Matt who plays Kenickie is magnificent too. They’re all wonderful to be working alongside.

Come and meet some of them…………( check out my quiff!  All my own hair……right!)