Gearing up for the triathlon

Into final couple of weeks of training for London Triathalon with the Virgin Active team.

Think my trainer Crispin will be happy to just see me get on and do it now. He's been pushing me to my physical limits with all the cardio, weight training, boxing, spinning, it's all been pretty intense. And I do moan quite a lot when it hurts! Then there's the scary bit, the open swim. 400 metres in open water, The Thames to be precise. It's at Excel in East London.

Over a hundred people racing towards the buoys, and back, then onto the bikes for 10k, finishing up with a leisurely 2.5k run! Ha, if only! Doesn't seem a lot, but the legs will be burning by then.

I definitely wasn't built for running long distances! By that i reckon anything over 3k, and my legs are just too heavy. My fitness is good, i was just born with heavy legs. Anyway, will hopefully be a great feeling of achievement at the end of it all. Come and support us if you're anywhere near on Saturday 30th July.